Advancing social justice

How social justice links together our funding priorities and underpins our ways of working. 

Our strategic priorities

In focusing our resources to have the best possible impact, we have six funding priorities where we wish to see change.

Each of these have distinct areas of focus, but are underpinned by a commitment to social justice. As a result of deep-rooted inequality, many people are excluded from the political, economic and cultural decisions that shape their lives. We are interested in funding work that challenges this injustice.

As well as applying for funding, you can find out more about the work that sits behind each of our funds below – including an overview of our funding, the latest insights, and more from our team.

Our commitment to anti-racism

In 2020, we made a commitment to be an anti-racist funder. This commitment informs how we work both as a funder and as an employer.

We will use our position and our funding to fight racism in all its forms as well as tackle bias and homogeneity in our own organisation and governance.

Find out more about this commitment and our work to progress diversity, equity and inclusion in our work.

Where our grants go

Find out more about the grants we have given by browsing our grants database.

What we are learning

We are committed to gathering evidence, learning from it and sharing our findings to further understanding amongst others.

Racial Justice Audit Analysis of PHF’s UK Grant-making 2022/23

We publish the headline findings from our audit of funding towards Black or minoritised community-led organisations.

How we see our role as a funder

We want to play our part in pioneering philanthropy, both as an independent grant-maker and as a partner to others in seeking to achieve social justice. 

With over 10,000 charitable trusts and foundations in the UK distributing almost £3bn of grants, there is a duty for us all to ensure that we target our resources in the most effective way.

Kinship Discovery

We are embarking on a new programme of exploration, research, thinking and insight-generation to inform a major new funding initiative focused on young people and hope for the future.