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More on our work with young people, including the latest insights, an overview of our funding and more about the team. 
Two young people laughing in front of a wall with graffiti on it. Photo credit: Kieran, Beatfreeks Associate
Photo credit: Kieran, Beatfreeks Associate

Working with and being guided by young people who face complex transitions to adulthood.

The focus of our work with young people

Much of our grant-making aims to benefit young people, but it is the groups and organisations who work directly with them who often make the most difference, especially for young people who face complex transitions to adulthood. We concentrate our support on young people who are in the most challenging circumstances: those who are socially excluded or marginalised, whose experiences are hidden or less well known, whose voices are often erased or ignored.

Our aim is to improve the quality and quantity of support available to these young people. We do this by investing in organisations that can expand and improve their impact by developing resources and enhancing delivery.

We want to support organisations at different stages of development to improve, consolidate and spread practices that empower young people to shape their lives and lead change. We look for work with young people that starts by recognising and building on their strengths and potential. We also work with organisations to influence the wider context, advocating for young people and being led by their direct advocacy.

We also support work that is led by young people, where power is shared, where work is developed and delivered in partnership with them, and where youth voice and experience influences decision-making. We have a particular interest in young people leading social change and shaping the world around them.

More on asset-based working

Find out more about what we mean when we talk about​‘asset-based working’ and why we want to fund work that starts by recognising and building on young people’s strengths.

Latest insights

Supporting youth-led change

Young people can build and understand their power in order to tackle the injustices they experience. That’s why we support young people to lead change and to shape the world around them. Here are some of the programmes we’ve funded in this area.

Alliance for Youth Organising

Hosted by Civic Power Fund, this intergenerational collective works together to invest in the structures, spaces, networks and organisations needed for youth organising to thrive.

Act for Change Fund

Act for Change Fund provided resources for young people to challenge social justice, find ways of overcoming inequality and give voice to issues they experience.

Overview of our funding

For a snapshot of the grants we made last year, the graphs below show how much funding we awarded through our Youth Fund and where this was distributed across the UK. You can find out more about the organisations we funded in our grants database.

  • Youth Fund

    Amount: Up to £150,000
    Duration: 3 years
    Deadline: Rolling application cycle

    We want to fund organisations who support young people (ages 14–25) who face challenging or complex transitions to adulthood.

  • Youth Strategic Investment Fund

    Amount: Up to £550,000
    Duration: 5 years
    Deadline: Rolling applications

    Our long-term offer to support the development, sustainability and impact of organisations that have a track record of working with young people to achieve positive change.

Meet our Youth team

Head of Programme – Young People
Jane Tanner
Grants Manager
Matthew Mannix
Grants Manager
Grants Assistant
A group of a dozen or so young people are in a room, all cheering. Some have their arms stretched out above their heads while others are clapping
Photo credit: Advocacy Academy 

Apply to our Youth Fund 

We support organisations whose work recognises and builds on the strengths and potential of young people. Find out more about our Youth Fund and how you can apply.