2009 Awards for Artists Announced

10th November 2009

This year's Paul Hamlyn Foundation Awards for Artists recipients were announced last night at a reception at the Royal Institute of British Architects.

As has been the format since 2007, three composers and five visual artists were selected to receive the £45,000 prize in order to support them at critical moments of their careers and enable them to develop creatively.

This year's selected composers are Chris Batchelor, Tansy Davies and Philip Jeck. The five visual artists are Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Mark Dean, Melanie Gilligan, Seamus Harahan and Mary Redmond.

The awards were presented by Michael Berkeley, composer and presenter of BBC Radio 3's 'Private Passions', who used his speech to criticise public planning of the Cultural Olympiad and its impact upon arts funding, but also praised the work of PHF and its Arts programme.

"Paul Hamlyn Foundation make a tremendous contribution to art and music in the UK," he said. "In the current climate for arts funding this contribution is more important than ever."

2009 Awards for Artists Recipients 4

2009 recipients, from left: Philip Jeck, Tansy Davies, Chris Batchelor, Mark Dean, Mary Redmond (on stairs), Melanie Gilligan, Seamus Harahan and Marc Camille Chaimowicz. Photo: Emile Holba

Since the first Awards for Artists in 1994, over 80 artists have benefitted from almost £3m, for which there are no obligations in terms of its use. The money is considered an award as opposed to a prize, made according to talent, promise and need as well as achievement, to those who need financial support to continue to practice.

The process of selecting the recipients begins with 32 nominators 20 for Visual Arts and 12 for Composers each putting forward the names of up to five artists who live and practise in the UK. Nominated artists are then invited to submit an application, which is considered by a panel of five judges for the two individual categories.

For a full list of the judges and nominators, as well as profiles of the selected artists and examples of their work, visit the PHF Awards for Artists microsite.

Awards for Artists Microsite
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