Social change often comes about because of the application of good ideas by passionate people. Our founder was an innovator: in his business life and philanthropy, he backed people with good ideas. We want to do this, too.

Individuals in the UK have limited opportunities to access the financial support that is needed to scope and develop ideas to achieve social change. We are interested in backing ideas at the earliest stages of development, particularly from people who may not have much experience of applying for or receiving funding, but merit backing.

Believing that a healthy civic society is one where artists thrive, we support composers and visual artists to have the freedom to develop creatively and to grow personally and professionally.

A vibrant arts ecology requires not only great artists, but also talented and visionary people with the drive and vision to make change happen. For over ten years we have offered responsive and flexible support to creative leaders and entrepreneurs, giving them the chance to make their mark across art forms and genres.