We want to support imaginative people to nurture exciting ideas.

In all the areas where we want to achieve impact, change often comes about because of the application of good ideas by passionate people. Paul Hamlyn was an innovator and, in his business life and philanthropy, he backed people with good ideas. We want to do this too.

There are limited opportunities in the UK for individuals with bold ideas for achieving social impact, but operating outside of an established organisational context, to access financial support. It is particularly difficult for people with new ideas to secure funding to support the earliest stages of ideas development to enable scoping and exploratory work, ideas generation and necessary development work prior to launch and testing of a new approach or venture.

For over 20 years, we have supported individuals whose ideas and pioneering work have often been transformative. This has mainly been in the arts sector, but we have also supported, for example, the Clore Social Leadership programme since its inception. Under this strategic priority, we have set up the Ideas and Pioneers Fund to open up opportunities to individuals who, responding to our mission, want to progress ideas that they believe will lead to social change.