Growth Fund

The purpose of the Fund

Paul Hamlyn Foundation is committed to supporting the development and growth of organisations investing in young people and positive change.

The Growth Fund provides multi-year support for up to 5 years, mixing financial investment (up to £500,000) and non-financial support to help organisations identify and implement practical steps to growth. The fund has an annual budget of £1.5 million.

In particular, the Growth Fund is designed to support organisations that aim to increase their impact by:

  • Growing their influence in terms of practice and/or policy
  • Spreading and increasing take up of new approaches, skills or technology
  • Working towards replication of services already being delivered

The fund aims to be relational and to understand and support the complexities of organisational development and ambitions to achieve growth. Offering a flexible package of support tailored to the needs of each grantee, the fund seeks to enable grantees to build capacity and effectiveness to reach their goals.

Three core values are embedded within this fund:

Ownership: While the fund aims to work alongside organisations to achieve their plans for increasing impact, offering advice and guidance, the grantee will maintain ownership of how the fund impacts on the organisation’s work.

Flexibility: The bespoke package of support offered through the Growth Fund will adapt and change during the lifetime of the grant, enabling organisations and funding to be responsive to need.

Trust: We seek to build a trusting and collaborative relationship that can withstand critical challenge but is also fundamentally supportive.

For the first few years, the fund is operating as a pilot – adapting and changing in response to experience. In 2017, the first year of the Growth Fund, we awarded two grants, to Leap Confronting Conflict and Just for Kids Law.

As part of the assessment process, the Growth Fund made further contributions to several organisations to recognise effort, engagement and potential and to develop readiness for growth: Fight for Peace, Fixers, MAC UK, RECLAIM, The Mix and Move On Ltd.

In 2018, we awarded three full Growth Fund grants to YoungMinds, MAP and StreetDoctors. We also made further contributions to several organisations to recognise potential and to develop readiness for growth: Clan Childlaw, Youth Focus: North East, Cypher App, Redthread and Key Fund.

Applications are by invitation only.