• 18 Feb 2015

Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value

The Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value, established in November 2013 by the University of Warwick, has published its final report. Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth was launched at a press conference in London yesterday and has attracted widespread endorsement and comment.

Moira Sinclair, PHF Director, says:

“The Warwick Commission’s report eloquently sets out a range of evidence for the importance of the arts and culture to UK society, with support for cultural education, encouraging greater diversity in consumers and producers, and the importance of a strong regional arts infrastructure emerging as key challenges. These are themes that we care deeply about at PHF and ones that our developing new strategy seeks to address. The Commission makes a powerful case for fuller engagement from government, funders and the sector itself and adds a strong voice to messages from groups like What Next and the Cultural Learning Alliance about the value of culture to the UK’s economy and way of life. We look forward to working with partners to achieve real change.”

The report is the result of a year-long investigation undertaken by a diverse group of cultural leaders, supported by academics from the University of Warwick. The Commission’s work involved public and private meetings with artists, creative and cultural professionals, economists, business leaders and other stakeholders, backed up by targeted research.

The Commissios chair, Vikki Heywood CBE commented:

“The key message from this report is that the government and the cultural and creative industries need to take a united and coherent approach that guarantees equal access for everyone to a rich cultural education and the opportunity to live a creative life. There are barriers and inequalities in Britain today that prevent this from being a universal human right. This is bad for business and bad for society.”

Tony Hall, director general of the BBC and a PHF trustee, added:

“The Commission’s Report is a blueprint for the continued success of arts and culture in Britain. It’s written for everyone – right across our industry and in every walk of life – and I join with its authors in calling for all of those who have a part to play to give themselves permission to believe in a better future for the arts. Its conclusions will help us all deliver that vision.”