About the programme

We have been working in India since 1992. Paul Hamlyn spent time in India and wanted to help communities there. It is the only place we fund outside the UK.

We introduced a new strategic plan for India at the beginning of 2013 under which we increased our annual spend to around £1.8m (about Rs. 175m).

Our funding in India falls into two categories. We operate an open grants scheme that focuses on vulnerable communities in particular regions. We also make themed grants, which focus on particular groups of people who are especially vulnerable, anywhere in India. The first of these themes, launched in 2013, is called ‘Lost childhoods’, and relates to children who live on or around the railways. Other themes are in development.

Our strategy for India, summarised here, is laid out in full in our strategy paper. We plan also to publish this document in Hindi.

Details of previous grants can be found here.