Other grants

The Helen Hamlyn Trust

£2,000,000 in 2012/13

The Helen Hamlyn Trust is an independent grant-making trust focusing on the initiation of medium and long-term projects linked to the shared interests of Lady Hamlyn and her late husband Lord Hamlyn. The Trust’s grant-making is centred on medicine, arts and culture, education and welfare, healthy ageing, international humanitarian affairs, heritage and conservation in India.

The Trust is pleased to be working with The University of Oxford – Bodleian Libraries supporting the design, construction, fitting out, professional fees and maintenance of the Helen Hamlyn Trust Treasury in the Weston Library as part of the Bodleian Libraries.

Among other projects, the Trust continued its work this year with Imperial College, London; the Royal Marsden; Moorfields Eye Hospital; London Symphony Orchestra; Royal Opera House; the Royal College of Art; and York University. In India it continued to work with INTACH on restoration projects in Goa and Rajasthan, and to support cultural development at Nagaur Fort, Rajasthan. In the US it supported the Vignelli Centre Endowed Professorship at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In Portugal it supported the Setubal Music Festival.

The Trust’s Open Futures initiative (www.openfutures.com) is a primary school curriculum programme that brings ‘learning to life’ for young children. It champions a fundamental shift in how the National Curriculum is delivered, by re-focusing education on intuitive approaches that ignite children’s passion for learning.

This year the Helen Hamlyn Trust celebrated its 10th anniversary with the publication of ‘Nurturing Innovation’ and the creation of ten short films about major projects the Trust has initiated since it began. These can be viewed at www.helenhamlyntrust.org.