The objectives for this study on children in distress with a special focus on children living on the platform were identified as the following:

  1. To analyse the role of different government departments (police, juvenile justice department, child protection committees and child welfare committees)
  2. To understand and document the work of NGOs that engage with platform children
  3. To propose innovative strategies for PHF to work effectively with platform children

Secondary Research

Desk research of existing data online along with an analysis of documents/ published reports shared by NGOs, donor organisations and government agencies.

Primary Research

Interviews were conducted with members of NGOs that work with children in distress, representatives of government agencies that are involved with them and any other agency that is interested in working for platform children.

A meeting was held at the PHF office with the Salaam Balak Trust and CHETNA to understand the nature of the organisation’s experience with PHF and their understanding of the current scenario in relation to work with children in distress.

Visits were made to Jaipur and Bhopal (and Itarsi) in consultation with PHF to interact with organisations working with children in distress and get a better understanding of the complexity of the matter, as well as to develop an understanding about how best to engage with the issue.