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Right Here

Right Here is a groundbreaking five-year project by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Mental Health Foundation.

We want to change the way in which the mental health of young people aged 16-25 is addressed in the UK. We aim to show how we can help young people improve their mental health and reduce the chances of them developing mental health problems.

We also want to tackle the stigma attached to mental ill-health that often stops young people asking for help.

Young people have told us when, where and how they want to be supported. Right Here is investing in four partner projects that will work, in collaboration with young people themselves, to find ways of helping young people to access services more easily at the times they need them, Follow the links on the left to find out more about the partner projects.

in June 2010 we annoucned support for four lead organisations to run projects in different contexts around the UK:

  • Hove YMCA, working with young people across Brighton and Hove, focusing on those living on estates outside the city centre
  • Sheffield YMCA, working mainly with young people living on peripheral estates in North Sheffield, an area with high levels of unemployment and deprivation
  • New Choices for Youth Trust in Newham, working with young people from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds living in inner-city London
  • Youth Action in Northern Ireland, working across the sectarian divide and seek to develop gender-specific interventions for marginalised young people

Young people have been central to these partnerships, and played an essential part in discovering new ways of working to protect their mental health and build their resilience.

For full details on Right Here please visit the Right Here website.