PHF Awards for Artists

Paul Hamlyn Foundation set up an Awards scheme in 1993 to support artists by providing them with financial assistance at a critical point in their careers. The aim of the Awards is to give artists the freedom to develop their creative ideas and to contribute to their personal and professional growth. Since their inception, they have benefited more than 150 artists with funding of over £6m.

‘The Paul Hamlyn Award: the art world’s most coveted prize’ – 24/11/08, The Guardian

For full details, please visit the Awards for Artists microsite, which contains full background information on the objectives of the awards, with profiles and showcases of the work of some recent recipients of the Awards.

Individual artists are not eligible to apply directly for the PHF Awards for Artists, but are nominated. A panel of judges selects the winners on the basis of talent, promise and need, as well as achievement. If you are an individual artist looking for funding, visit our Funding for Artists website which lists other sources of support for visual artists and composers.