• 26 Oct 2016

Young people launch campaign to demand a Better Brexit

Undivided, the youth campaign to demand a better Brexit, launches today, Wednesday 26 October.

The campaign’s aim is to ensure that young people have a voice in shaping post-Brexit Britain. Undivided will crowd source the demands of one million under 30s from across the four nations of the UK and curate the top ten.

Undivided is the brainchild of young people who voted both to remain in the EU and to leave the EU, as well as those who did not vote. The campaign does not seek to reverse the result of the referendum, but to build consensus and allow young people from across the political spectrum to speak as one.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) granted £300,000 to Undivided to fund the campaign. We draw upon the values of our founder Paul Hamlyn who was passionate about improving opportunities and life chances for young people. As such supporting organisations that invest in, or achieve positive social change for young people, is one of our priorities.

For Undivided’s young campaigners, Brexit represents an opportunity to reshape the country’s priorities. The campaign now has over 100 volunteers working across the country and is supported by a coalition of youth organisations.

The online platform is live and will act as a tool to engage and collect one million individual demands by the beginning of 2017. Today’s launch introduces the campaign to the wider public and politicians directly involved in Brexit negotiations.

Hafsah Dabiri, Co-Leader of Undivided, comments:

“We are three people from very different backgrounds and wildly divergent political opinions. We don’t agree on a lot, but what we do agree that Brexit has to be made to work for young people, and that the only way to achieve this is for us to be Undivided in our political demands. For too long the ideas and voices of young people have been marginalised and ignored by politicians. It is a huge mistake to assume we are too naive or too ill-informed to be involved in shaping our own future. This is what makes Undivided such a powerful new force in British politics: it doesn’t matter where in the UK they are from, or where on the political spectrum they fall, we are giving young people the opportunity to share their demands for a better post-Brexit Britain. Brexit means Brexit, we keep being told. But if Britain is to remain a successful country young people have to have a voice.”

Moira Sinclair, Chief Executive of Paul Hamlyn Foundation said:
“We believe passionately in youth voice, that young people should have a say about the issues that affect them. Undivided aims to reach young voices, ensuring they are central in this important national conversation, the outcome of which will have an impact on them for longer than any other group in society. It is only right that they should be heard by policy makers locally and nationally and that their views help to shape the country’s response.”