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  • 7 Feb 2014

Next stage of strategy review

Over the past four months, the Foundation has been taking suggestions on what to do next from different people and organisations. To participate, interested parties completed the statement ‘PHF should….’ with ideas on what changes to make and which issues to tackle. We decided to open the debate because we believed that our new strategy would benefit from access to as many different perspectives as possible.

We set up a blog in September 2013 in order to support our strategy review. It showcases a varied selection of contributions made to our ‘PHF should…’ initiative and is part of carrying out our review in an open and transparent way.

We closed the public engagement phase on 24 January. By this date, we had received emails from 84 people and organisations to our ‘should@’ inbox. On Twitter (#PHFshould) there were over 400 tweets and retweets of material relating to the review, involving more than 150 participants.

People were asked to send us their suggestions by that date so that we would have a chance to work through all the content, analyse it, and make sure we have extracted fully the learning, advice, criticisms and suggestions it contains. The next stage for the Foundation is to use these thoughts to inform our new strategic plan, together with various forms of stakeholder consultation, data on our impact and performance and feedback from grantees and applicants. We intend to publish some findings from this work in the spring before announcing the complete strategy in the summer.

In the meantime, we are keeping the blog open. We welcome comment on any of the ideas on display, or feedback on our review exercise. We will continue to post content relating to the review. You can keep in closer contact with the Foundation by following us on Twitter @phf_uk.