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  • 18 Jun 2015

National Circuit event at Tate Modern

The turbine hall at Tate Modern was taken over on Saturday by young creatives marking two years of the Circuit programme.

Led by Tate with members from around the country, Circuit aims to provide opportunities for young people to become members by contributing their ideas so that they can be more involved with the arts. This event, Circuit: Access, Change, Learning, gave young participants a platform from which to showcase the work they have produced. Exploring the influence of youth culture on art, they created pieces of work through several different media including live performance and multimedia installations.

The event gave young people a chance to share their experiences of taking part in Circuit. They gave presentations summarising their own perspectives on the programme which sparked debate and ideas within the youth culture sector. Talks were also given by several keynote speakers including Circuit ambassador and Radio 1 presenter, Clara Amfo, who spoke about why she wanted to get behind the campaign. She said:
“Art should be accessible for all – young people have as much to contribute as anybody else, and I’m all about supporting other young people in expressing themselves creatively.”

The four year programme, funded by PHF as one of our 25th anniversary gifts, invites young people to take part in art by providing them with the space to hold workshops and let their creativity be explored. The Tate Modern event aimed to introduce its young members as cultural producers and captivate audiences with their work.

Circuit’s manager, Mark Miller commented: “The aim of Circuit from the start has been to make young people more visible as contributors to artistic programming.”