• 5 Dec 2014

Musical Futures conducting survey on primary music education

Musical Futures is seeking the opinions of primary school teachers to understand how to equip generalist staff to deliver a music curriculum. Teachers are invited to take part in a survey on the Musical Futures website, which seeks to discover how highly music is valued within schools, how well schools are resourced and how confident teachers feel about delivering music education. Musical Futures is interested in the views of primary and head teachers in particular, not just music specialists.

A pilot programme is planned for September 2015 to explore how to provide staff with the skills and confidence to provide music activities in school. The pilot model – to be developed using the survey results – will aim to improve children’s engagement with music in ways that are easy to deliver.

Musical Futures began as a PHF Special Initiative in 2003, looking for ways to engage all young people in meaningful music activities. In 2014 funding was approved to support Musical Futures’s transition over two years into an independent organisation.