• 4 Jul 2014

‘Inspiring Music for All’

‘Inspiring Music for All: next steps in innovation, improvement and integration’, an independent review of music education in schools commissioned by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, was launched today at a Music Education Council event at the Royal Opera House.

The review was led by Katherine Zerserson, Director of Learning and Participation at Sage Gateshead, and carried out over the first quarter of 2014. She drew on the specialist knowledge of leading figures in music education and analysed different types of data relating to the quality and reach of music teaching in schools. The review looks at challenges in music teaching and work being undertaken to improve practice, and assesses the impact of PHF’s Musical Futures initiative in the field.

The report found that although there remain significant inconsistencies in the quality of music education in the UK, with a lack of support for teachers, there has been an improvement over the past decade in the quality of music-making in school, musical diversity and inclusiveness. It found strong evidence to suggest that Musical Futures has contributed positively to music education in schools, with practitioners reporting enhanced professional satisfaction and more student engagement in the classroom.

The review provides recommendations on taking the learning forward, focusing on working together to strengthen the evidence base for the sector and ultimately improve music education across the UK.