Backbone Fund: £2 million awarded to 11 organisations

Published: 18 October 2021 
Group of people smiling in front of flowers beds at Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre - part of Ubele Initiative's Black Rootz, a multigenerational Black-led growing project.
Black Rootz multigenerational Black-led growing project at Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre, part of Ubele Inititative. Photo credit: Ubele Initiative

We have made a five-year commitment to 11 organisations in the latest round of the Backbone Fund.

The Fund is unrestricted and aims to underpin leading organisations that contribute to the overall health of the sectors we support.

Part of our commitment to civil society and its leaders, the Backbone Fund – now in its fifth year – enables key organisations to resource their core services and plan strategically for the long term, helping to build resilience in the voluntary sector.

The following 11 organisations are vital advocates, connectors and collaborators that stand up for their communities and strengthen civil society through their efforts:

Moira Sinclair, Chief Executive, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, said: As civil society continues to experience the ongoing impact of Covid, it felt important to underpin a number of organisations that are critical to the sectors we support, particularly those close to the frontline. We have increased our Backbone Fund as a result. This cohort of 11 organisations plays a crucial role in bringing knowledge to the fore, advocating for change, championing equity, and speaking with a strong, independent voice. We look forward to working alongside them.”

We are delighted to receive our first ever multi-year core funding investment. This will enable us to develop a clear strategy for the implementation of the Calls to Action included in our Booska Paper and in other national and regional funding initiatives focusing on Black and minoritised communities which emerged during Covid-19.”

Yvonne Field, Founder and CEO of The Ubele Initiative 

Kirsten Urquhart, Chief Executive (Interim), Young Scot said: The Backbone grant will ensure that over the next five years young people in Scotland will be supported with information, ideas and opportunities to thrive at a local and national level. Young people have faced an incredibly challenging past 18 months, and this support is needed now more than ever.”

The Fund is by invitation only.

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