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  • £10 – £4927500
  • 2006/07 – 2018/19

4 Steps CIC

Tinker Lab

Jonathan Hartley has a background in teaching, entertainment and using technology in performance. He is committed to sharing his digital and technical skills to create a programme that blends technology with play, supporting intergenerational groups to learn and share their skills with one another. With the support of 4 Steps CIC, Jonathan will create a ‘Tinker Lab’ designed to inspire, engage and develop the technological skills of the local community in Burnage.

Access Hospitality

Access Hospitality Programme

  • Grant amount: £10,320 over 12 months
  • Fund: Ideas and Pioneers Fund
  • Date awarded: 2018/19
  • Location: Yorkshire & Humber

Access Hospitality aims to support adults with learning disabilities to gain fulfilling employment in the hospitality sector. This grant will support the organisation to develop a framework built around the use of assistive technology that includes accredited training, workplace adaptation and support for employees and employers.

Advantages of Age

Advantages of Age Business Academy

Advantages of Age seeks to research, develop, test and pilot a training programme aimed at men and women, ages 50 and up, who have been made redundant from employment and are seeking to fulfil their potential through new career opportunities. Their mission is to empower mature entrepreneurs to create a business suited to their skills and experience with the potential to succeed in today’s tough economy. The Academy will host monthly sessions with industry experts, provide opportunities for peer-to-peer support and will offer a web portal containing additional assets and links.

AJP Dreams

Getting the Right Support for Flamboyant Dreaming

AJP Dreams’ tagline is “If I can, you can, we can!” Alexander Warren is a young man who has overcome obstacles to become a conference speaker, businessman and entrepreneur: using his experiences to inspire and motivate others to improve care and support for people with learning disabilities. Alexander plans to work with Edinburgh Development Group, an academic from Edinburgh University and drama experts to research, develop, test and pilot an empathy training programme for support workers, which will help them to listen to and empathise with their clients’ dreams, no matter how flamboyant. This grant will pay Alexander, his support team and these experts for 18 months to create a training product that can be delivered more widely and become commercially sustainable.

Alice Sachrajda

Odyssey: Tube stations that connect people as well as places

Alice Sachrajda and Alex Glennie believe that public places could do more to inspire creativity and support people to live well together. They plan to share stories about people living and working in local communities, starting with a pilot in Oval tube station. Working closely with photographers and illustrators, they will collect and exhibit people’s stories about their identities.

Amahra Spence

Art Hotel: Feasibility Study

Amahra Spence’s background in youth work, creative industries, project management and corporate event management has helped shape her vision to develop an Artist Hotel in Birmingham. As a social enterprise designed and managed by artists, the hotel would feature an arts programme and project space and provide training for young people; an alternative income stream for emerging artists and young people, and a unique experience of Birmingham. Amahra has already made links to other Artist Hotels and with local organisations, including Birmingham City Council, to support the development of a feasibility study and project proposal.

Amy Martin

The Children's Hub

  • Grant amount: £12,700 over 12 months
  • Fund: Ideas and Pioneers Fund
  • Date awarded: 2016/17
  • Location: West Midlands

Amy has over ten years’ experience of working with children and young people as producers, leaders and artists across a variety of art forms. Amy wants to explore the feasibility of a Birmingham ‘Children’s Hub’ – a multifaceted space that would combine an arts programme, social enterprise and community venue focused on celebrating, supporting and championing childhood in Birmingham. At this stage, Amy will gather evidence and grow stakeholder engagement to assess the need, viability and vision for the hub.

Amy Win - Cook Inspire Change CIC

Cook Inspire Change Online Food Education Programmes

Amy Win founded Cook Inspire Change to provide education, employability and enterprise programmes to young people who face challenging circumstances in the Greater Manchester area. Amy will produce e-learning tools based on two programmes that she will develop and deliver: ‘Ready Set Sell’ and the ‘Food Enterprise Programme’. Ready Set Sell will prepare young people who are not in employment or those with previous criminal convictions or substance dependency for entry-level jobs in the food industry.

Anisa Haghdadi

Doink Tank (Do and Think Tank)

Anisa Haghdadi wants to develop a creative approach to analysing and sharing data which can engage and inspire people to find better solutions to social issues. She hopes using the arts to make information accessible will help the general public, as well as policy makers, be better informed, make better decisions and become involved in finding answers to problems that affect them. The approach brings together artists, researchers and technologists in a version of a ‘think tank’ that is action-oriented.

Areeq Chowdhury

Online Voting Certification Framework

Areeq Chowdhury is the founder of WebRoots Democracy, a youth-led think tank based in London, which aims to harness digital technology to enhance and modernise democracy in the UK. This grant will support Areeq to develop a framework to analyse and compare online voting systems based on their accessibility, usability and security to inform debate around voting reform.