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  • 2006/07 – 2018/19

Aldeburgh Music

  • Grant amount: £240,000 over 34 months
  • Fund: Arts Open Grants
  • Date awarded: 2008/09
  • Location: East of England

To develop Faster than Sound into the UK’s first dedicated programme for mixing classical and electronic music, centred around Aldeburgh’s new ‘musical campus’.

Aldeburgh Music

  • Grant amount: £105,000 over 18 months
  • Fund: Arts Open Grants
  • Date awarded: 2011/12
  • Location: UK Wide

To provide further support, over 18 months, to underpin Faster than Sound, a programme of residencies, performances and site-specific events, fusing electronic with classical music. The work will run alongside the 2012/13 Britten Centenary celebrations.

Alex Evans

Scoping a new start-up on political psychology

  • Grant amount: £15,320 over 6 months
  • Fund: Ideas and Pioneers Fund
  • Date awarded: 2018/19
  • Location: London, Multi-region, Yorkshire & Humber

This grant will support the scoping and development of a start-up ‘think and do tank’ at the interface of psychology and politics to address the psychological roots that can lead to political polarisation. The project will explore new approaches to rebuilding common ground across polarised groups, including in the migration and climate change debates.

Alice Sachrajda

Odyssey: Tube stations that connect people as well as places

Alice Sachrajda and Alex Glennie believe that public places could do more to inspire creativity and support people to live well together. They plan to share stories about people living and working in local communities, starting with a pilot in Oval tube station. Working closely with photographers and illustrators, they will collect and exhibit people’s stories about their identities.

All Saints' Learning Centre Advisory Forum

  • Grant amount: £21,000 over 24 months
  • Fund: Education Open Grants
  • Date awarded: 2007/08
  • Location: North West

To fund a part-time Family Worker who will help improve the achievement, attainment and aspiration of families in a pocket of deprivation in rural Cumbria who have been identified as needing help.

Allsorts Gloucestershire

Working towards an inclusive county for young disabled adults

  • Grant amount: £60,000 over 24 months months
  • Fund: Youth Fund
  • Date awarded: 2018/19
  • Location: South West

Allsorts works with disabled young people and their families from across Gloucestershire. This grant will support the organisation to create a range of new employment and personal development pathways for disabled young people across the area.

Almeida Theatre Company Ltd

Production of 'Boy'

  • Grant amount: £15,000 over 6 months
  • Fund: Other Grants
  • Date awarded: 2015/16
  • Location: London

This grant will provide support to underpin the collaboration between Almeida Projects and Arsenal in the Community’s Positive Future around the main stage production of “Boy”, by Leo Butler: a play that focuses on social exclusion. Performance pieces will be written by young people across four different settings, with a film-maker documenting the process and Arsenal players reading the finished works alongside actors.

Amahra Spence

Art Hotel: Feasibility Study

Amahra Spence’s background in youth work, creative industries, project management and corporate event management has helped shape her vision to develop an Artist Hotel in Birmingham. As a social enterprise designed and managed by artists, the hotel would feature an arts programme and project space and provide training for young people; an alternative income stream for emerging artists and young people, and a unique experience of Birmingham. Amahra has already made links to other Artist Hotels and with local organisations, including Birmingham City Council, to support the development of a feasibility study and project proposal.

Amana Education Trust

  • Grant amount: £141,178 over 36 months
  • Fund: Education Open Grants: Supplementary Education
  • Date awarded: 2008/09
  • Location: South West

The overall aim of the proposed work is to improve the quality of educational support and provision for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) young people, particularly those from the Somali community. The project will run over three years from October 2008.

Amber Film & Photography Collective

More and Better: Primary Source

Amber Film & Photography Collective (Amber) was founded in 1969 with the aim of documenting North East England’s working class communities. Working with 12 primary schools in the North East, Amber will develop a programme of creative engagement in documentary photography and filmmaking. The project aims to increase children’s (and teachers’) digital media/ technology and creative skills, relevant to humanities and STEM areas of the curriculum; to enable pupils to explore digital storytelling; to address intergenerational relationships and community cohesion; and to provide continuing professional development for teachers.