Work we've funded

1668 grants found

  • £10 – £4927500
  • 2006/07 – 2018/19

Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) Ltd

  • Grant amount: £89,060 over 36 months
  • Fund: Education Open Grants: Truancy & Exclusion
  • Date awarded: 2009/10
  • Location: UK Wide

To work for improvements in legislation and guidance on school exclusion and truancy and improve practice at local level

Advocacy in Somerset

  • Grant amount: £149,883 over 36 months
  • Fund: Education Open Grants: Truancy & Exclusion
  • Date awarded: 2008/09
  • Location: South West

Maze will pioneer a new casework advocacy service for young people in secondary schools at risk of truancy or exclusion to help them get their lives back on track.

Afghan Association Paiwand

Core funding

  • Grant amount: £65,000 over 12 months
  • Fund: Other Grants
  • Date awarded: 2017/18
  • Location: London

Afghan Association Paiwand helps refugees, asylum seekers and people who migrate to the UK to settle and thrive in their new home. This grant will provide the organisation with core funding to support their work.

Afghan Association Paiwand

  • Grant amount: £262,738 over 36 months
  • Fund: Education Open Grants: Supplementary Education
  • Date awarded: 2012/13
  • Location: London

Strengthening the partnership between the supplementary school run by Afghan Association Paiwand in Barnet and mainstream schools to the benefit of the children and organisations.

African Future Development

  • Grant amount: £34,337 over 24 months
  • Fund: Education Open Grants: Supplementary Education
  • Date awarded: 2008/09
  • Location: London

To improve links with mainstream schools and develop learning initiatives to provide a more effective service to disadvantaged African children and young people.

African Healthcare & Counselling Services

  • Grant amount: £56,668 over 24 months
  • Fund: Social Justice Open Grants
  • Date awarded: 2008/09
  • Location: London

A two-year project based in Newham that aims to develop a ‘drop-in’ service specifically for young people from the local refugee and asylum seeker communities who are either experiencing, or a risk of developing, mental health problems. Using an arts based approach, the project is an attempt to build relationships, and be able to offer the young people ways of talking about their problems and – as a next stage – accessing appropriate support to help them progress.

African Heritage and Educational Centre (AHEC)

  • Grant amount: £9,960 over 12 months
  • Fund: Education Open Grants
  • Date awarded: 2007/08
  • Location: London

The African and Heritage and Educational Centre will conduct a pilot study into providing tailor-made supplementary education activities for vulnerable young people whose parents are affected by disability, long term illness, drug or alcohol addiction or have been involved in crime.

Aim Hi

  • Grant amount: £10,000 over 6 months
  • Fund: Arts Open Grants
  • Date awarded: 2006/07
  • Location: London

Pilot phase of clay project which aims to connect all the countries being represented in the 2012 Olympics by brining clay from different countries around the world to a school for the deaf in London.

AJP Dreams

Getting the Right Support for Flamboyant Dreaming

AJP Dreams’ tagline is “If I can, you can, we can!” Alexander Warren is a young man who has overcome obstacles to become a conference speaker, businessman and entrepreneur: using his experiences to inspire and motivate others to improve care and support for people with learning disabilities. Alexander plans to work with Edinburgh Development Group, an academic from Edinburgh University and drama experts to research, develop, test and pilot an empathy training programme for support workers, which will help them to listen to and empathise with their clients’ dreams, no matter how flamboyant. This grant will pay Alexander, his support team and these experts for 18 months to create a training product that can be delivered more widely and become commercially sustainable.

Akademi South Asian Dance UK

Explore and Test: Reach Out and Reveal

  • Grant amount: £53,815 over 18 months
  • Fund: Arts-based Learning Fund
  • Date awarded: 2017/18
  • Location: London, Multi-region, South East

Akademi wants to deliver a programme in two schools for children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), exploring how dance can be more successfully delivered for ASC pupils and how the movement vocabulary of South Asian Dance, such as hand gestures and facial expressions, might particularly support pupils’ communication and physical needs.