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Youth Fund

Youth Fund

Overview of the Youth Fund

The Youth Fund supports organisations whose main purpose is working with and for young people (aged 14-25) who face complex transitions to adulthood.

We understand that the current context is increasing demand for work with and for young people, whilst at the same time making it more challenging to deliver. Despite these difficult conditions, many organisations continue to have ambitious plans for the future.

We provide core funding for organisations that:

  • Seek to sustain, prepare to grow, or grow impact with and for young people.
  • Put young people at the centre in terms of power, voice and agency – as part of an asset-based approach, starting with recognising and building on young people’s strengths and potential.
  • Aim to achieve wide impact for young people (for example, going beyond direct delivery and focusing on systemic or structural change).
  • Are committed to continuous improvement in asset-based approaches to working with and for young people.
  • Support young people who are facing complex transitions, challenges and barriers to accessing support and opportunities. Particularly young people who are socially excluded or marginalised; whose experiences can be hidden or less well known; and whose voices are often erased or ignored.

The short film below provides an overview of the Youth Fund’s priorities, criteria and what we look for in applications.

Youth Fund: Online Q&A

If you have questions about the Fund’s criteria, join our Grants Managers for an online Q&A session. Click on the date and register for the session:

You can also take a look at our webinar below to learn more about the Fund’s priorities and the application process, and you can read responses to questions raised during the webinar in our Youth Fund FAQs. We hope the time stamps below will help you to find the information you need.

2:29 Overview of PHF
6:12 Youth Fund eligibility
10:19 Priorities: asset based approaches
12:30 Priorities: “Young people shaping their own lives”
12:40 Priorities: asset based working in practice
19:12 What you can apply for
22:39 Routes to impact
28:40 Application process and timelines
32:41 What the Youth Fund offers

To see examples of  Youth Fund grants, please visit our grants database. You can also explore findings from Renaisi’s 2019 evaluation of the Youth Fund.