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Migration Fund

Migration Fund

About the Fund

We envision a world in which everyone is free to move, and no one is forced to move.

For us, this means a world where:

  • respect, care and interdependence underpin our relationships with one another
  • differences of opinion and perspectives provide opportunity for reflection and growth, and
  • shared learning allows us to both shape our future actions and to stop us from deepening and consolidating harm.

Our funding is our contribution to help bring about this future. We believe this is only possible through collective and collaborative effort between individuals, organisations, movements, funders and beyond.

This shared vision of the future, priorities and commitments were all shaped by input from people who work towards migrant justice every day, and those with direct experience of the UK’s previous and current immigration systems.

As harmful narratives, laws and policies in the UK and internationally expand, punish migrant communities, and incite fear and division, we will continue to invest in a range of strategies to:

  • prevent a roll-back of rights and implement stronger protections and entitlements for those who move in the ‘here and now’
  • build knowledge, solidarity, and power in our communities, and
  • support those who are imagining, rehearsing, and practising the future we want to see for us all.

You can read more about our consultation process and what underpins our vision in this blog.