Answers to common questions about our Teacher Development Fund. 

Acronym glossary

CPDL: Continuing Professional Development and Learning
PRU: Pupil Referral Unit
SEND: Special Education Needs and Disability
STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths


Blended delivery

Curriculum focus

Delivery model


Inequity and barriers to learning


Advice on using generative AI during the application process

We understand that some organisations may want to use a generative AI service within the application process. Whilst we understand how AI may be helpful in a research phase, we would advise caution about using generated text within the application form. 

Strong applications must go beyond generic responses, relating the criteria of the fund to the specific context of a locality and to the strengths and needs of the partner organisations. 

Successful applicants must demonstrate their unique suitability for TDF. Articulating this in your own words is likely to create a stronger application to the fund in what will be a competitive field.

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