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Case Study
  • Categories: Nurturing ideas and people

Jimmy Akingbola and Fraser Ayres

Fraser Ayres, Minnie Ayres and Jimmy Akingbola (Image: Jose Farinha)

A multi-year grant totalling £250,000

Jimmy Akingbola and Fraser Ayres started TriForce Promotions in 2004 to create a supportive network that enabled actors, writers and film-makers to connect and make things happen, no matter their background or ease of access to decision makers and talent spotters. Financed by their own acting and writing careers with no funding support prior to their Breakthrough support, the grant enabled the two founders and colleague Minnie Ayres to set out to build a more sustainable future for the company’s diversity and inclusion work. Due to Jimmy’s presence in the US, Fraser and Minnie have worked together to take TriForce forward. Under the new banner of the TriForce Creative Network, they have built up their existing MonologueSlam actor talent platform with partner theatres around the UK, grown the fledgling TriForce Short Film Festival to annual event showcasing films and providing advice and support for filmmakers, and established a number of other initiatives such as WriterSlam and the TriForce Incubator. Their Breakthrough grant concluded in 2019.

Lauren Douglin MonologueSlam London Feb 2019 – Theatre Royal Stratford East. (Image: Jose Farinha)