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Case Study
  • Categories: Nurturing ideas and people

Nii Sackey


Total Breakthrough Fund support: £298,000

Nii Sackey won Breakthrough Fund support in 2008 to allow him to pursue his ideas for a new web-based trading game, originally conceived as the Creative Stock Exchange and later to be named Gwop, that would allow young people to promote the music and artists that they love. As CEO of Bigga Fish, a not-for-profit events organisation which provides performance platforms for young artists, and events and marketing management training for 14-21 year olds in London and other cities around England, Nii pursued plans for Gwop alongside his leadership of Bigga Fish.

Gwop has now taken shape as a financial literacy educational resource for Key Stage 4, and sits alongside other Bigga Fish initiatives such as the Bigga Business loans scheme to support the entrepreneurialism of young people, funded by the Cabinet Office. Nii’s Breakthrough Fund support concluded in 2013.

Bigga Fish Street Team at Notting Hill Carnival