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  • 3 Nov 2017

Top tips: How to compile your budget for your Ideas and Pioneers application

The Ideas and Pioneers Fund supports people with unusual or radical ideas that are in the early stages of development. Grants of up to £10,000 (and up to £15,000 in exceptional circumstances) are available to individuals, partnerships or small organisations.

If your initial written application and 2-minute video is approved by the decision-making panel, you will be invited to a second stage assessment process when you will need to provide additional information, including a budget.

Here’s some things to remember when compiling your budget.

  • Please take the time to prepare your budget carefully. We will need to understand it in detail and we may ask you questions about it.
  • Please state clearly whether you are providing a budget for developing your idea or the whole organisation.
  • If you are asking for funding towards the costs of developing an idea, please provide a project budget; this may include a contribution towards the overheads of the organisation.
  • If you are asking for core funding, or funding towards the work of the whole organisation, please provide a budget for the whole organisation.
  • Your budget should be detailed and include both annual and overall totals for work lasting over a year. Show how you have calculated costs and make any assumptions clear (e.g. start date, non-salary costs for employees).
  • Please provide the budget in a Microsoft Excel worksheet, to allow us to check your workings straightforwardly.
  • Please include the following:


EXPENDITURE: Please include a line for each cost, itemising what this is. This may include staff costs (for each employed staff member including salaries, national insurance and pensions, and employment-related costs such as recruitment); activity costs (e.g. sessional workers, food, travel, events and publications etc); other (which may include evaluation, management and overheads).


INCOME: If PHF will not be the only funder for the proposed work, please include a line for each funding source, including if you have submitted or are developing applications for other grants.

Please also make clear what PHF funding will pay for.


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