Kinship Discovery

We are embarking on a new programme of exploration, research, thinking and insight-generation to inform a major new funding initiative focused on young people and hope for the future.

What we’re exploring

The programme will look at options for spending a significant amount of money, over the next three to four years, in addition to our current plans.

Kinship Discovery will last for at least 12 months and we will share our progress and what we are learning as the work develops. It will look at different pathways and options, drawing on a range of insights and expertise. It will also generate new knowledge and ideas which we hope will be helpful to our partners and allies.

Cassie Robinson, who is working with the Foundation on this initiative, describes the principles that will guide the Discovery phase.

Tony Hall, who is leading the work for the Board reflects:

We believe there is an urgent need for experimentation, creativity and courage. We are interested in people who are asking different questions and seeking new ways of thinking and we want to contribute. The future is open and as much as we see very significant challenges ahead, we also see extraordinary possibilities for action, for imaginative solutions and for hope.

The Foundation’s vision is for a just society in which everyone, especially young people, can realise their full potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives. We believe in our current grant-making and want to maintain our commitment to the work we are doing and we also want to go further and provide some space to consider what next and what if?

The Discovery phase will help us work out with others what this might look like and we hope will also generate questions, insights and learning which will inform others.”

We believe there is an urgent need for experimentation, creativity and courage.

Tony Hall, Trustee 

What’s next?

This Discovery phase’ will help us to identify where and how we can make a difference. The intention is to open-up our thinking to include a wide range of views. We will identify and pursue ideas shaped by research and evidence as well as imagination and futures thinking and we will create opportunities for many kinds of contributions. We have a group of trustees and advisors helping with this design phase.

We want the knowledge and insight generated through the Discovery phase to be useful to others, as well as to show how we have come to our decisions. We will share our thinking and the data and research as we go.

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