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Staff and trustee diversity data

Staff and trustee diversity data

One of our key commitments, as part of our approach to embedding diversity, equity and inclusion in our work, is to become a more diverse staff, trustee and advisor team. This will, we hope, bring a richness and breadth of thinking and expertise to us and our decision making.

Collecting data helps us to monitor our progress and provides insight to improve. We developed a Diversity Survey and in 2021 invited all Foundation employees, advisors and trustees to take part. Our initial data showed that although we had made progress on diversifying the ethnic makeup of our staff, we still had a way to go in bringing people with a disability into the Foundation.

In Autumn 2022 we carried out our survey again, and found that:

  • The ratio of female to male employees remains broadly the same, with an increase in female responses from the combined advisor and trustee group.
  • There is a decreasing trend in the representation of white employees in comparison to those of non-white background.
  • There is a small upward trend in the proportion of employees who consider themselves to be disabled, with a much larger increase across the advisor and trustee group.
  • The 2022 survey shows a small increase in employees identifying as LGBTQ+.
  • In 2022, a question looking at social mobility was reintroduced. Results found that a professional background or higher socio-economic background made up the largest response for all groups.

These results show a staff group which is generally increasing in its diversity in several areas with some progress of note in ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation. We recognise that there is still work to do and hope that with increased data, building year-on-year, we can build on this insight to continue to inform our thinking, our practices and decision making.