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Shared Ground Fund

Shared Ground Fund

Purpose of the Fund

We will pause new applications and enquiry calls to the Shared Ground Fund from 9 February (11:59pm) through early spring 2024 to implement changes to our criteria and application process following an in-depth consultation process. The Fund will re-open with new criteria in spring 2024. Read more

You can register your interest in speaking to one of our Grants Managers once the Fund reopens by filling out this form.

The Shared Ground Fund supports organisations working towards the following long-term objectives:

  • Influencing migration system reform: helping to build a policy and legal framework based on the principles of fairness, accessibility, due process, efficiency and respect for human rights.
  • Improving access to support services, to ensure systemic exclusion which forces individuals into poverty is addressed and the needs of people who migrate are met, so that they have the longer-term support they need to settle, integrate and thrive in the UK.
  • Strengthening civic participation so that people who have migrated to the UK have a stronger voice and are represented and meaningfully involved in the structures and services that affect their lives.
  • Informing public understanding and countering the polarisation of migration and integration narratives.

We are clear that inequality in the immigration system plays out in ways that connect and intersect across race, gender, class, disability and other characteristics. We want to support work that addresses racism and structural inequalities that result in different groups being adversely affected in the UK migration system. We will only fund work that directly influences or contributes towards wider systemic change and that addresses root causes alongside consequences.

We also have a particular interest in the lives of young people who lack permanent status in the UK, including those who are ‘undocumented’ and maintain an area of focus on these young people within the Shared Ground Fund, working in partnership with Unbound Philanthropy. We encourage you to set up an optional enquiry call with us to discuss your ideas before you submit applications related to this focus area.

For further information on our overall approach in this area, and our current priority areas we suggest you read our Shared Ground Theory of Change.